RCO is the best in the state of Wisconsin, anytime you have a problem you can either call or stop in.They are always ready to help. We take our computer in every year for them to clean it out. They are very reliable. We take it in one day and pick it up the next day, service is fast . You can't miss them, they are right on 8th st in Wisconsin Rapids. THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

Marilyn J.,

RCO computers were very helpful when I came to them about my desktop computer. My computer had too many issues to be fixed. I was able to purchase a refurbished (and much better) tower at a very reasonable price. Very happy with the service I received.

Meghan W.,

Brought my lap top in to fix it after windows 10 messed it all up, They got it fixed back to were it was before windows 10 and it works like new again, no problem going back any time if I need help

Gene T.,

Brought our laptop in when it crashed after upgrading to Windows 10. They fixed it right away, then helped me out when I had trouble reinstalling Microsoft Word on it. I so appreciate the help!

Vicky R.,